Will there be a day when AI can trade freely?

Can't we simply upload/download AI that is attracting attention for its high utilization and infinite possibilities? Let's take a look at the ideas of DSLab Global.

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Will there be a day when artificial intelligence can trade freely?

​ ​ ● Intro
​ The online shopping culture is so familiar to us now.
Recently, there are more and more kinds of products as well as various methods of transactions, and today’s posting is about DS Lab Global’s idea of creating a shopping mall where you can freely buy and sell AI models.

​ ● History of program sharing through P2P & Webhard
​ In the early 2000s, when PCs and the Internet began to spread, there were many P2P operating sites where users could freely upload and download various types of files. Peer to Peer is a very simple way to communicate directly between user PCs without going through a central server, so you may have shared movies, files, and songs you want to see at least once.
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(Online sharing site where files were up/downloaded with just a few clicks)

These P2P sites were simple in terms of accessibility, but there were many problems where unreliable files were distributed without sanctions and copyright protection was not properly implemented, reducing certain markets themselves.​

​ ● Convenient while eliminating risk factors
​ The method planned by DSLab Global is to implement a platform that allows users to freely upload and download AI models like P2P websites.

However, it is necessary to guarantee the rights of producers and prevent the distribution of harmful files and indiscriminate uploads, so we will secure a central storage to carry out minimal management during the up/download process.

Users can freely search for the type of AI they want, and they can upload and sell AI used outside.

Professional developers can build their own market awareness by uploading quality models that they have worked hard on.

Of course, we will consistently upload AI models developed by our company to meet the demand you want.
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(You can select the desired artificial intelligence model (right) from a list of different types.)

enter image description here enter image description here

(Example of a detailed page that guides the function, type, and procedure price of data)

​ In addition, models on the AI Market will also be handled in the form of offline delivery using Nano Kit, which was described in the “AX Fullfilm” posting, so they can be used on embedded devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). ​


​ Although the concept of buying and selling AI by sharing it freely is still unfamiliar, the “first” of all fields was lacking and felt unfamiliar.

We are trying to accumulate high-quality data on the Market for the popularization and easy use of AI that may feel overwhelming.

We hope to make AI more accessible for organizations across the world. We’ll end today’s posting here.

Visit DS2.ai’s AI Market and feel free to experience and trade in a variety of artificial intelligence!

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