How does artificial intelligence interact with humans?

From chatbots talking to humans to models that understand our emotional state, how can AI interact with humans?

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How artificial intelligence analyzes human emotions.

Language has developed as a means of communication in human evolution. Language has existed as an essential means since humans began to build a society. Human beings exist in society and the language that is the basic means of communication works as a link that reflects the customs and problems of society.

Today’s post will be based on these human languages and talk about “natural language processing” in which AI can identify human emotions and, by extension, technology for recognizing human facial expressions.

What is natural language processing?

Natural Language Processing(NLP) analyzes the meaning of language used in everyday life so that computers can handle it

In other words, it is an artificial intelligence technology in which computers understand people’s words and analyze and generate related information. By using natural language processing technology, we can apply it in many fields such as speech recognition, emotion analysis, question answering, and chatbot.

And as I said in the post ‘How does artificial intelligence learn?’ AI needs a kind of socialization process. Therefore, natural language processing, which allows humans to learn all the information accumulated since they started recording, is critical for AI learning and generation.

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(NLP, a key technology that enables communication between humans and AI)

NLP stage

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(A total of five stages of natural language processing)

  1. Lexical Analysis
    Vocabulary analysis is the first step in natural language processing. In this step, to understand the structure of the text, the entered text is decomposed into paragraphs, sentences, and words.

  2. Parsing (Syntactic Analysis)
    Parsing is the step of separating strings into basic morphemes and identifying grammatical relationships between words. For example, sentences like “Go to school I” are classified as grammatically incorrect sentences at this stage.

  3. Semantic Analysis
    Semantic analysis is a step in analyzing the meaning of each word based on the analysis results made in parsing to understand the context of the text. For example, sentences such as “hot ice cream” are classified as incorrect sentences that do not make sense at this stage.

  4. Discourse Integration
    This step is to analyze the relationship between sentences and how the meaning of the current sentence can vary depending on the sentence mentioned earlier.

  5. Pragmatic Analysis
    Actual analysis is the final step in natural language processing, which is to understand what the sentence actually means. This step requires knowledge of how this sentence is used in real life.

Human facial expression recognition

Features such as nose, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, and jawline on a person’s face are called individual landmarks.

Face Landmark AI recognizes the entire person's face from the original image or video uploaded, and then specifies a more specific face landmark.

Given the location and size of the face, it automatically determines the shape of the face components, such as the eyes and nose, and provides results for use in areas such as facial expression detection and blink detection. This technique is called facial recognition, Facial Recognition.

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(Face recognition technology that recognizes unique landmarks and collects relevant information)

How handles natural language
Help create the desired natural language processing artificial intelligence model using Click AI’s AutoML technology among solutions.

Based on the movie review, I will assume that we develop an artificial intelligence model that determines whether the movie received positive reviews.

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(Use a text file that gathers reviews for a movie.)

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(Step of Generating a Natural Language Processing AI Model Using AutoML Technology)

As above, the reviews are collected into one data, and the results of 0 and 1 are given to determine whether the sentence is positive or negative.

After that, upload the data and select the criteria and type you want to create an AI model. You can proceed with the process by simply uploading and clicking the Start button.

How handles face landmarks

Take advantage of the object-oriented artificial intelligence model in the ‘AI Market - Quick Start’ item of the solution.

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(AI Market - Phase of Face Landmark Operation Using Quick Start)

Similarly, you can upload images of your choice in a simple and intuitive way, and then learn them. Then you can identify different facial expressions and check emotional status based on that data.


Today, we explained how artificial intelligence can understand human emotions and how it can be used.

Let’s highlight the function of, which simplifies the process of learning AI according to human standards, and come back with a different topic.

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