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We launched an MLOps platform,, to 'share the journey of our customers' AI implementation journeys.' Let's dive deeper into its features and strengths.

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Start auto-development of truly customized AI

Many people want to implement artificial intelligence, but they are at a loss to how to start, and have burden with high labor costs to find a developer.

The demand for introducing AI is increasing but the artificial intelligence market is now overly segmented with companies focusing only on specific technologies, making it difficult for companies to implement AI and leads them to invest a tremendous amount of time and cost by hiring developers.

DSLAB Global aims to develop and introduce 'pre-automated AI', which requires only a few click for develop AI. Non-experts can implement AI themselves in an intuitive and easy way, and experts can dramatically reduce the time and cost of implementing AI by using SDK.

In addition, online AI Market can freely allow for created AI to be bought or sold which can lower the hurdles in the implementation process and the utilization of AI.

In this posting, I would like to briefly introduce DS2.AI, the integrated AI development platform of DS Lab Global, in QnA format.

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(DS2.AI format, runs from data collection to model deployment in one cycle)

DS2 Dataset : Easy to obtain learning data

The basic step required for the development of artificial intelligence is to secure and process data to be utilized.

DS2 Dataset is a solution that helps you utilize your own data to create AI.

Q) I only have a few figures in the form of a table in Excel, can it be used for AI development?
A) It provides support for Excel and other extensions as well as the ability to link operating DBs. In addition, we provide preprocessing functions such as adding, deleting, or combining variables in the process of importing data, so please feel free to proceed.

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(Enables support for multiple extensions and DB linkage)

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(Preprocessable Between Data Utilization)

Q) What if we don’t have enough training and we don’t know what data is actually available?

A) You don’t have to worry if you don’t have enough training data. In addition to introducing the representative data used in the industry, we also have a separate guide that allows you to integrate and use the data you collect. 🙂

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(Public data; Public learning data from 'object recognition technology')

Labeling AI : Automatically performed data labeling

Once you have collected and processed the data you want to utilize, you need to label the data afterwards.

Unlike existing labelling tasks using crowd sourcing or methods that require collecting large amounts of samples, AI will automatically label them after collecting only 10 samples (ea).

Q) Can I trust the labeling accuracy of AI if I proceed with only 10 sample data?

A) Our sample data collection is based on patented data learning technology. Although it is a small sample, our customers have performed labeling with accuracy of 90% or more.

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(Customer's labeling work case. 100% accuracy was made)

Q) What are the exact differences compared to the existing labeling if AI automatically proceeds with the work?

A) First of all, the working time is drastically reduced. Our customers have secured all data labeling tasks that will take about 2-3 years in 6 months. And with minimal staffing, we're able to provide you with automated labelling at around 20% of the existing market price. 🙂
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(Performing Object Recognition Labeling: Auto Labeling Progress)

Q) What other tasks are possible besides ‘object recognition’ based on images or images?

A) It is possible to classify, analyze, and process natural language using CSV (Excell) files.
Also, not just recognizing objects, but also mosaic the face parts of certain characters and use them for security purposes to enable a variety of tasks using learning data.

We will explain the information in detail with a posting about the exchange of human and AI later.

◼ Click AI : Development of AI model that can be carried out by just a click of a mouse
When all the data for AI model production is ready, we will now enter the artificial intelligence development stage that you have been waiting for.

Click AI is an AutoML solution that allows AI to be developed with just a click, even without coding expertise. Of course we have another function for experts. Let's take a look.

Q) How can I develop AI by just clicking a mouse? How about coding yourself and completeness?

A) You can understand that you have entered the codes that are normally used for AI development and use them by clicking. In addition, it is a solution developed by combining a wide variety of cases and AutoML technologies, so there will be no shortage in designing the desired model.
In terms of completeness, we confirmed that we are developing models that show more than 85% accuracy.

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(Click AI method (below) is simpler than traditional AI production method (top))

Q1) I don’t have any knowledge about AI, so can I ask you to produce it?
Q2) I am a developer who can do coding, can I use only other solutions and develop them myself?

A) Click AI is a solution focused on being considerate of non-experts, but it also contributes significantly to improving professional work efficiency.
As shown in the image below, we provide solution functions by dividing ‘Developing with just a click, providing environment for developers, and even consulting’ in stages, so don’t worry!

And since you use automation technology no matter what solution you choose, the advantage of being able to develop quickly at an affordable price is always with you. 😉

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(A variety of ways developing AI, tailored to your convenience)

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(Also provide SDK for coding experts)

◼ Skyhub AI: Automatically perform all management tasks for AI

Once artificial intelligence development is completed, it needs to create an environment in which AI can operate, and then continuous maintenance work is needed. You have to upgrade it after a certain period of time.

Skyhub AI performs all of these processes automatically. All you have to do is fill in the information about the working environment you’ve been using.

Q) I would like to know more specifically about the overall management work for AI

A) First of all, once the production of the AI model is completed, the AI must have an environment where it can work. Since various data flow freely and users need to check the results of AI, we first set up an online cloud server environment to create AI’s workspace.

The operating AI will then receive various data according to the business you are working on, derive statistical data based on the contents, predict results, and monitor various indicators.

In the future, when more data has been accumulated, you have to upgrade the model based on the latest data, and Skyhub AI will automatically perform these processes with the automatic re-learning of artificial intelligence.

enter image description here enter image description here

(Free deployment configuration and real-time monitoring capabilities)

Q) I already have an artificial intelligence model in use, can I set it up to operate and manage with Skyhub AI?

A) Of course. With the framework we provide, if you upload the manufactured AI model in API form, Skyhub AI will manage it naturally.

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(Compatible with natural artificial intelligence models through API uploads)


What did you think about the process of introducing artificial intelligence of DS2.AI based on automation technology?
Some people might think that the accuracy and progress of artificial intelligence are ambiguous. Therefore, DSLabGlobal provides free credits for customers to use trial operation.
Feel free to explore the features and if you’re satisfied, try DS2.AI’s various solutions that can be performed at a low price and in a short time.
Then feel free to trade artificial intelligence with others on the AI Market!